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Defence Service Corps (DSC) Enrolment

Eligibility For Re-Enrolment Into DSC : Other Ranks

  1. Character- Should be exemplary or very good.
  2. Service - Should have rendered minimum five years colour service. Only service counted for pension / gratuity are treated as qualifying service. Ex-TA pers must have rendered three years embodied service with minimum attendance of seven Annual Trg Camps (ATC).
  3. Medical Category - Should have been in medical category SHAPE-1 at the time of discharge from previous service. However individuals who were upgraded to SHAPE-1 from ‘’ Alcohol Dependence Syndrome’’ in last five years before discharge are not eligible for re-enrolment into DSC.
  4. Five Years Gap - Gap should be within five years from the date of discharge from former service till the individual reports to the recruiting agencies for physical and medical test.
  5. Age - All ex-servicemen except Ex-Clerks should be below 48 years on the date of individual reporting to the recruiting agencies for physical and medical test. Maximum age for re-enrolment of Clerks into DSC is below 50 years.
  6. Re-Enrolment of Clerk (SD) - Only Ex-Clerk (GD/SD) who have retired from service in the rank of Nk / Hav will be eligible for re-enrolment into DSC as Clerk (SD). Clerk (SKT/IM) are not eligible.
  7. Discipline - Should not have more than one red ink entry during the last five years of former service and not more than two red ink entries during the entire former service. Personnel who have been awarded one red ink entry under AA Sec-48 for Intoxication during the last five years of former service are not eligible for re-enrolment into DSC.
  8. Education Qualification - Re-enrolment of ex-servicemen into DSC will be carried out based on education qualification mentioned in their Discharge Book. The minimum education qualification required for non-matric personnel is Army 3rd Class Certificate of Education (ACE-III). The requirement of producing class 10th certificate / marks sheet for re-enrolment into DSC is done away with.
  9. Re-Enrolment of JCOs in to DSC - JCOs from Army, and their equivalents in Navy, Air Force and TA are eligible for lateral entry into DSC as JCO only. Vacancies for JCOs cat is allotted to various Regt / Corps Trg Centres only.
  10. Re-Enrolment of TA Pers - Ex-TA pers will be re-enrolled into DSC only by the Regt Centres, who are having TA Bns.
  11. Recruitment of Cook Into DSC - There is no provision for re-enrolment into DSC as cook. If the individual is willing and fulfilling the eligibility criteria for re-enrolment as Sep (GD), he can be screened for Sep (GD).
  12. Cause of Discharge - Should have been discharged either on fulfilling the terms of engagement / condition of enrolment or at his own request.
  13. Plural Marriage - Plural Marriage cases are not eligible for re-enrolment into DSC under AR 13(3) item III(v).

    Documents Required for Re-Enrolment into DSC

  14. Details of documents required for re-enrolment into DSC are as under:-

Ser. No
Issuing Authority
(a) Discharge Book Record Office
(b) Discharge Book Education Boards /School
(c) Nativity Certificate Deputy Commissioner / Magistrate / SDM / Tehsildar / MRO or any other officer of the same rank who is auth to issue Nativity Cert by respective State Govt.
(d) Caste Certificate Self attested
(e) Character Certificate Sarpanch / Parshad
(f) Character Certificate (From the date of discharge to till date) Zila Police Adhikshak (Distt Supdt of Police)
(g) Extended AGI Policy Certificate AGI Directorate
(h) Single and joint photographs Four each
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