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Travelling Allowance

Payment of TA to Candidates Appearing for SSB Interviews

The candidates appearing of SSB interviews at Selection Centres may be paid train fare of AC III Tier / AC Chair car for to and fro journey performed by them between the normal place of residence and the place of interview, subject to fulfilment of other conditions.


  • Civilian candidates (other than serving personel) who apply for the grant of a commission in the Army/Navy/Air Force and are called up for an interview by Service Selection Board will be entitled to travelling allowances.
  • A candidate who is selected for the grant of a commission and is called up for a fresh medical examination after a period of six months from the date of having been passed fit at an earlier medical examination for a similar commission will be entitled travelling allowance.
  • Candidates who apply again for the same type of commission will not be entitled to these allowances on any subsequent occasion.
  • A candidate rejected for the Flying branch of the Air Force will be eligible for travelling allowances again if called up later for interview, etc, for any of the Ground duty Branches and a candidate rejected for Ground Duty Branch will be eligible for travelling allowance when appearing later for Flying Branch. Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowances will be admissible to candidates who are once rejected for a commission in the Flying Branch and Ground Duty Branch and are called up again for medical examination provided in the Flying (Navigator) Branch, provided the last medical examination of such candidates was held six months or more prior to the date of commencement of the Flying (Navigator) course for which they are detailed.
  • Candidate rejected or declared surplus for a commission in the Army or Indian Navy will be entitled to travelling allowances when called up for interview for commission in the Air Force.
  • Restriction under above clauses do not apply to those candidates who are deferred by the SSB or found temporarily unfit.
  • All Sections of Rtg-6 are accordingly requested to issue amendment to the advertisements already published for the entries pertaining to their Section for which interviews are yet to be conducted, to include the provision of payment of train fare of AC-III Tier /AC Chair Car to the candidates in them.

Notes:All Candidates to collect their TA on the day of reporting after submitting Original Tickets along with TA form.

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