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FAQ's: Officer Selection

My Qualification is, am I eligible for Army?

It will be considered as graduation/post graduation however where specific subjects are being sought by Recruiting Directorate, such equivalence will not be valid.

Can I apply without Aadhar number?

You may apply, but you are advised to obtain the same at the earliest and update it in your profile for ease in biometric identification during recruitment/selection.

I had qualified in Combined Defence Sevices Examination (CDSE). When is my date of interview?

After the declaration of result by UPSC, the interviews are normally conducted after 45 to 60 days. you can see your SSB interview details on this website.

I am doing 10+2. How can I apply to be an Army Officer?

See the advertisement published by UPSC for National Defence Acadamy (NDA) in Apr/Sep every year and for 10+2 TES Entry in leading news papers in Nov/Dec and May/June every year.

My parents/friends/roommate got the call up letter, I have not received it. What can I do?

You can check your interview dates on this website and report for interview accordingly. A sample call letter can be downloaded.

I had given the address of Delhi in the application. Now I shifted to Kanpur?

Check details of your SSB interview on this website. You can download the instructions and report to the concerned Selection Centre. Write an application to the ADG Rtg, Rtg-6, West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi regarding change of address.

I received your call up letter. What preparations do I have to do?

Get your rail/bus reservation done at the earliest. Go through the instructions.

I am unable to attend the interview on the date given. What should I do?

Send us an e mail on suggesting period suitable to you. We will try and accommodate you as per your availability.

My parents or relatives or friend or brother or guardian accompanying me. What are the arrangements for their stay?

There is no accommodation catered for parents/relatives/friends as they are not permitted to enter the Selection Centre premises.

My train is getting late beyond its scheduled arrival time at Allahabad. What can I do?

If you reach the station late, due to late arrival of train then you are advised to report to the Selection Centre directly under your own arrangement.

My train is reaching four hours before the time of reporting at MCO Bangalore/Allahabad/Bhopal. What can I do?

Wait at the waiting room/at station and report to the MCO at the appointed time.

If I come a day before, could you entertain me in the campus?

No, you are advised to report on the appointed day. In case you come early due to unavoidable circumstances then you have to stay under own arrangement in the city.

The train passing through my home station reaches two days before the date of reporting. What can I do?

You are required to report at the appointed time given in call up letter. In case due to unavoidable circumstance you reach before then you have to stay under own arrangements in the city.

The train passing through my home station reaches one day after the date of reporting. What can I do?

Late reporting is not permitted. Get your reservation done in some other train which passes from any other station closer to your home station.

Can I bring mobile while coming there?

No, Mobile and Cameras are strictly prohibited in the Selection Centre premises. However , you can utilize the STD facility on payment at the Centre.

I am having problem in my eye sight. Am I eligible for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview?

The medical standards for joining Armed forces are laid down. They are different for different categories. For details please visit .

I met with an accident and my right elbow got hair line cracks. Can I get a second chance?

Send your request alongwith proof to the Selection Centre from where you got your call. We will give you second chance for interview.

I belong to a place which is 50 kms away from Allahabad. Can I report to your centre by a motor-bike. If so, what are the arrangements for parking my vehicle in your centre?

No, No vehicle whatsoever is permitted inside the Selection Centre premises. You are advised to come upto Selection Centre by any mode ie Bus/Train/Taxi etc.

I belong to Kanpur. Can I use my father's car to report there and use it during my stay at your centre?

No, No vehicle whatsoever is permitted inside the Selection Centre premises. You are advised to come upto Selection Centre by any mode ie Bus/Train/Taxi etc.

I haven't received the regular call letter. Now I receive the absentee call up letter and I couldn't attend the interview on the date scheduled. Do you give another date immediately.

No, further date is given after absentee batch. To avoid such eventualities you are advised to to see details about SSB interviews well in advance.

My sister's marriage has been fixed a day prior to my reporting at your centre. Can I get a second chance?

Yes, you can write/speak to the concerned Selection Centre about your problem and get the date extended. You can also contact us on e mail.

I am coming by AC class. What can I be reimbursed with in the form of Travelling Allowance?

You can only get the Traveling Allowance of entitled class of Railways.

I am coming from Mumbai by IAC flight. I want the full charges to be reimbursed. What are the procedures?

You can only get the Traveling Allowance of entitled class of Railways.

What will be boarding and lodging charges during my stay at your centre?

Your boarding and lodging is free of cost during your stay at Selection Centre.

My son is a vegetarian. Is there separate table for the vegetarians?

Yes, we do cater for all.

The documents of my son were deposited in the College or University. You are telling that he should bring the original documents for the interview. What can we do?

You are advised to get photocopy duly attested by Gazetted Officer while coming for SSB interview. However originals will have to be produced at the time of joining the Academy.

I had deposited my certificates in the counseling centre. As per earlier clarification I approached them to give bonafide certificate and they have denied. What can I do now?

You are advised to get photocopy duly attested by Gazetted Officer while coming for SSB interview. However originals will have to be produced at the time of joining the Academy.

I lost my documents in the train. What can I do now?

You can report to the Selection Centre with your ID proof. We will entertain you.

My luggage was stolen by somebody. I do not have anything to come with?

You can report to the Selection Centre with your ID proof. Your boarding and lodging is free of cost. Meanwhile, you can contact parents/relatives for help if required.

I have my local relatives in the station. Can I be permitted to stay there and attend the interview from there?

No, you have to stay within the premises of the Selection Centre. However, you are permitted to go outside the Selection Centre during your stay.

I am a lady candidate. And for the first time I am coming alone from my home. Do any person accompany me from station to your centre and vice-versa?

As per the details given in the call up letter you report at the appointed date and time. Our representative will receive all candidates at Railway Station and you will be provided transport from Railway Station to Selection Centre. Your boarding and lodging is free of cost alongwith other lady candidates.

I am coming by bus. Please tell me where I have to get down?

There are two options available:-

  1. Go to the railway station and meet our representative who will accompany you till Selection Centre.
  2. You can directly report to the Selection Centre.

My train is late. I will reach the station by 10.00 PM in the night. Can you arrange my reception accordingly?

If a candidate reaches late and is unable to report at the given date and time then he is required to report to Selection Centre directly. In unavoidable circum stances we can consider the case of candidates.

Can you tell me the reporting date of mine at your Centre (The caller doesn't tell anything about himself)?

You can visit our website for date of reporting. Normally all call letters do have the reporting date.

Why are you conducting the medical examination of my son at Allahabad itself?

Medical Examinations are conducted at the station where SSB interviews are held.

I had been recommended at Bhopal for Indian Military Acadamy (IMA) entry. Is there a need to give another interview for my OTA entry?

No, you are required to give interview only once and you are automatically considered for OTA provided you have given OTA as your choice.

I got only three copies of photographs, will you accept it?

Now a days photographers give your photograph within an hour. Get more copies from photographer once you reach here.

Is there any possibility to give the interview in the nearest Selection Centre?

No, interviews are conducted only at the centres fixed by ADG Rtg.

Could you tell me the merit list of my son?

Merit list of all entries is being made available at our You can also contact on tele Nos given in the respective advertisements. Merit list is also displayed at candidates Reception Room at the office of ADG Rtg at West Block-III, RK Puram New Delhi.

Do you give food and accommodation free of cost or recover at later stage?

Boarding and lodging is free of cost. No such recovery is done at a later stage.

I had opted for Air Force. Why I have been called for an interview at your Centre, which is selecting candidates for Army?

Candidates who habitually wear glasses are not considered for Air Force. Hence, they are given their second choice and are interviewed accordingly. Also, since Air Force is unable to handle all their candidates, their load is shared by Army Selection Boards.

What are the avenue available to me to become officer at intermediate level?

National Defence Acadamy (NDA) and 10+2 TES entries are available. Visit our for complete details.

What are the avenues available to me to join army at Graduate level?

Following entries are available

  1. IMA
  2. OTA
  3. NCC Spl Entry Scheme
  4. TGC
  5. UES. For complete details visit our website

What are the avenues available to me to join army as a technical graduate?

Technical Graduate course and UES course for Permanent commission and Short Service Commission are available. For details visit

I have done NCC and obtained 'C' certificate what are the avenues available for me?

Certain vacancies for NCC 'C' certificate holders are reserved for IMA and OTA. For IMA you have to apply through UPSC ie combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) and for OTA through NCC Spl entry Scheme for which advertisement is published in Jun/Jul and Nov/Dec every year. NCC Spl Entry scheme is a Non UPSC Entry.

Is there minimum percentage laid down for National Defence Academy (NDA) and Combined Defence Service (CDS) examination?

No, you have to pass your minimum education qualification and appear for the examination conducted by the UPSC.

What are the maximum chances I can avail for SSB interview?

There is no limit laid down. You can appear for SSB interviews upto the permissible age.

What are the medical standards laid down to become an officer in the Indian Army?

For medical standard visit our website

Do you give any preference to the wards of Armed Forces for SSB interview?

No, such preference is given to the wards of Armed Forces for SSB interview.

If I receive my SSB interview date once, it is possible to fix the same at any other time?

Yes, If you are unable to attend the SSB interview due to unavoidable circumstance, you can write/speak on tele to the concerned Selection Centre from where you have got the call. They will give you another date for SSB interview.

From where can I obtain the form for Non UPSC entries?

Application forms are published alongwith the advertisement published for different entries. Common application form applicable for all Non UPSC entries can be downloaded from

What are the facilities available for guidance/information/clarification regarding the application form?

Candidates can contact Additional Directorate General of Recruiting at their Reception Room at West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi or over telephone No 011-26173215/011-26175473 on all working days between 0900hrs to 1700hrs.

Will I get any compensation if I get injured during Service Selection Board (SSB) interview?

No compensation will be paid in respect to any injury sustained as a result of test conducted at SSB.

Can I submit more than one application form for the same entry?

No, only one application is required to be submitted.

Where do I have to report for interview once I qualify for the SSB interview?

The interviews for Army candidates are conducted at one of the following centres :-

  1. Selection Centre East Allahabad.Selection Centre Central Bhopal
  2. Selection Centre South Bangalore

How do I see information/ contents of the website ?

You can follow the guidelines given below:-


Follow these steps:-

  1. Click OFFICER’s Menu.
  2. Go to type of entry.
  3. Click the submenu under type of entry to see location of interview centre(Allahabad/Bhopal/Bangalore).
  4. After seeing the interview centre i.e (Allahabad/Bhopal/Bangalore) you can further click sub menu for specific dates of SSB interview.
  5. To see merit position/ issue of Joining Instructions(JI) follow step 3 & click sub menu to see merit/issue of JI.
  6. OTA submenu covers the following type of entries:-
    • SSC(NT) MEN
  7. SERVICE Entry covers following type of entries:-
    • ACC
    • PC(SL)
    • SCO

NOTE: In case if you are unable to reach a particular entry/sub menu you can click any sub menu and the main menu will appear on the left side of the web page. You can easily follow the sub menu there after without any breaks.

How do I convert my CGPA into equivalent percentage?

Conversion is as per your University norms.

What Travelling allowance is authorized to me for my journey to and fro from my house to SSB Centre?

Travelling cost upto 3 Tier AC fare for train from your home station to SSB Centre and back is admissible and payable at SSB Centre. For bus journey, normal government bus fare will be admissible.

Where do I fill my application for NDA entry?

This application will be filled in the UPSC website.

How do I check the applicability of my degree/engineering stream for Technical Entry?

Please read the notification carefully. Equivalence is given in the academic qualifications column.

I have mistakenly entered wrong marks/University in my application. How do I correct the same?

All changes can be made only till the time of submission of application. After submitting, no changes can be made.

I am not able to submit my application?

Try from a different computer or change your browser and then try again.

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